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Robert Trabold

Dim dark room – full of mystery

Christmas tree

soft lights – varied colors

gentle yellow – clean white – stronger red – deep blue

a few twinkling ones –

light covered with mystery and silence.

I bath myself in soft light –

silence – quiet.

Beauty touches me – whispering the mysterious –

will not leave me.

I sit in the quiet – dreaming in beauty.

Someone is knocking at the door –

in the soft – gentle loveliness –

mysterious presence – my Beloved –

beautiful – good – more than the soft light of the tree.

He gives me hope – soft light of the tree

penetrates darkness.

My Beloved will not leave me alone in the night – cold.

He calls me to hope – not to lose heart.

Beauty of the lights is stronger than darkness.

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Church of St Thomas, Manhattan

Robert Trabold


Flickering candles decked with greens

church garnished by Christmas wreathes

powerful organ music touches – shakes strong gothic columns

burning incense arises – sweetens the air

light voices of  boys’ choir announce good news.

Stately procession ushers us into the presence of the sacred.

Unveiling the crèche – Mary and Joseph gaze

at the little infant surrounded by straw and animals.

Angels sang in the skies that first night –

choir’s voices now repeat the good news.

Tears come to my eyes – such a longing of hope –

longing for light in a world of darkness – war!

How can we ever end the bullets that wound so many people?

bullets of words – bullets of guns!

Tears fill my eyes again – tears of hope – confidence

my hands are clutching – groping in the darkness

tears fill – touch my whole body.

Clouds of incense surround me with mystery –

mystery of light in darkness.

I sit with my tears – knowing that

my Beloved is present – hidden in the music and song.

He will not leave me along in the night – cold.

I feel the touch of his hands – helping me carry the burden.

My heart feels lighter – warmth – light of the crèche

lifts me – I stand upright.

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Evening Hush

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by Robert Trabold


Gentle summer air – comfortable 

not hot – colors tone down – 

sunshine has gone – I hear 

the final chirps of the birds in the trees. 

Like a cat walking on freshly cut grass – 

stillness descends on all – 

no wind to disturb the calm. 

It was a long day – too many chores – 

aching feet – e-mails – telephone calls 

decisions to be made. 

Welcome relief to sit in the quiet! 

I let it roll over my whole body – 

deep sedative – 

calm takes me over – even my 

feet do not ache so much. 

I look forward to this hour – 

time for a visit. 

Garden’s hush opens up 

an abyss at my center – still point. 

Someone touches me – mystery – otherness. 

No words are spoken – silence 

is the language of God – 

silence – calm – hushed garden – 

usher me into a presence – 

presence of my Beloved. 

Let me rest in this quiet – 

visit – gift – that puts a beautiful 

end to a hectic day. 

Someone is with me – that is all that matters!

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Sounds of Silence

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Sounds of Silence

by Robert Trabold

 I hear waves lapping the shore in the distance –

deep sounds – coming out of eternity.

Cool sea breeze touches my face –

silent – coming from the same eternity.

Endless blue sky says not a word –

hangs over all.

Sounds of waves wash deep within me –

open an abyss at my center.

My slow quiet breathing points to it!

I feel a pain within my whole body –

pains of love – longing – desire.

Abyss takes hold of me –

penetrates my whole core.

Abyss is mystery – darkness – silence –

presence of my Beloved.

My Beloved is knocking at my heart – at my center.

Tears fill my eyes but I can say no words –

I have no words to say!

Sounds of the waves echo my endless longing.

Love – desire – feelings of fire close my throat.

My Beloved is other – transcendent – beyond me –

yet always deep within me –

a presence I have – do not have.

So I can only sit – wait – whisper:

‘For you alone, my soul wants in silence.’


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