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Contemplative Prayers

Ann Kulp from The Shalem Institute and living in the Washington DC area has provided a nice summary of contemplative prayers that can be practiced individually or in a group. This document is in PDF form and can be downloaded from our site. Ann allows this document to be reproduced but wishes to be given proper credit and informed. Please contact us below.

1. Breath Prayer 2-3
2. Noticing God in Everything 4
3. The Jesus Prayer 5
4. Seeing God in the Ordinary 6
5. Praying with a Labyrinth 7
6. Praying with Scripture 8-9
7. Praying with Our Hands 10
8. Body Prayer 11
9. The Examen 12
10. Sound and Silence 13
11. Music as a Doorway to Prayer 14-15
12. Praying with Art and Icons 16
13. Centering Prayer 17