Contemplative Articles Online

June 2011 – Video: SANCTUARY OF THE SOUL Intro w/ Richard J. Foster

June 2011 – The Contemplative Way

June 2011 – Jewish Contemplatives – Articles on Contemplative Prayer

June 2011 – Why Silence is Essential in Prayer

April 2011 – The Case for a Contemplative Philosophy of Education

April 2011 – Romans 12:12, Inspiration for Contemplative Prayer

April 2011 – Meditation 101: Coming to a Campus Near You

April 2011 – Lectio Divina Archbishop of Toronto Thomas Collins serves “spiritual lasagna” with his new book

April 2011 – Catholics have many forms of prayer

April 2011 – Mindfulness Center Offers Retreat from Busy Life

April 2011 – Centering Prayer with Gail Fitzpatrick Hopler … of silent prayer that prepares us to receive the gift of contemplative prayer

April 2011 – Church to host class on centering prayer

March 2011 – Fall 2011 360° Explores the History, Science and Practice of Meditation and Other Mindful Practices

March 2011 – “Of Gods and Men”, a film that so poetically evokes and honors the contemplative spiritual life.

March 2011 – The New Contemplative, the modern contemplative lives in the “world,” often in the city, while being devoted to their spirituality.