Jane Guyton

Beliefs that guide me

  • We exist as integral, unique parts of a Mystery that we can never fully understand.
  • One of the great stumbling blocks to the embrace of this Mystery is the eternally unanswerable question, “Why?” The paradox that we face is that while Life’s ultimate purpose is largely unknowable, we each live out a part that is unique and essential.
  • Acceptance of this mystery allows you to experience Life as sacred while leaving energy free to work on those things you can affect.
  • You don’t have to be anyone special to enter into the sacred realms described by the mystics. You just have to want to do so, and to be prepared to make some sacrifices – perhaps to sacrifice your old ways of thinking – in order to do so. But the root of the word sacrifice is to make holy, so perhaps to sacrifice something isn’t such a bad thing.


Art, in the end, is a mystical experience, paradoxical in its execution. I let art teach me about life, and in the end, some people will love what I do and others will be unmoved. That’s life. Art Philosophy.

Moonscape - acrylic on paper 30 x 30


FIRST THOUGHTS: The Love that Passes all Understanding