Remote Prayer for the Contemplative

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Many contemplatives have difficulty praying for a specific purpose because most of their prayer time is spent in quiet meditation simply being in God’s presence. Sometimes a prayer has purpose. This prayer is simply a format that integrates contemplative practices while asking God to join you in praying for a purpose that calls you to prayer.


Remote Prayer for the Contemplative

Stand or Sit in Silence – Light Candle if possible

(Hands cupped in front of you, chest level)

Say aloud or in secret:

I open myself to prayer.  Divine Source, whom/what should we select to put into my hands so that together we might join in prayer for them/situation?

–          Someone I care about/love?

–          Someone I find difficult to love/be with?

–          A situation?

–          Creation?

–          Other?


(Hands over heart)

–          I bring that person/situation into my heart, where You dwell.


(Hands extended)

–          I submit that person/situation into your total love and care.


(Hands in prayer position/bowing)

–          I bow in gratitude that you are present and praying with me; and that you hold all in your love and light. As I send prayerful energy to this person/situation, I am grateful that your loving will has been done.


Rest and Sit

(Hands in receiving position)

–          I welcome you in quiet meditation – your love, your will and your care of all creation.


Rest and Silence

(Hands relaxed)

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