Independence Day in the United States is the biggest national holiday of the year

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Interdependence (not dependence or independence) is the ideal – in that all (no matter how “isolated” or in solitude one may be) are inextricably interwoven with other beings, nature, the divine, intimate objects, air, space, the elements, etc….

Independence Day in the United States is the biggest national holiday of the year there; the biggest civil celebration that Americans tend to have.

With all the picnics, barbecues, and the fireworks ending the day – I could hardly ignore the question: what IS “independence,” really?

So I thought about it, on and off, all day.  And here’s what I decided:

“Independence” does not mean standing alone.  It does not mean being “separate from” or “stronger than” or “disconnected.”  The 50 United States are not separate from each other, nor is one more powerful in our society than another, nor are any of them disconnected.  In fact, our states here are INTERdependent at the same time that they are Independent.

Indeed, our INdependence derives from our INTERdependence.  Our unity is our strength.

So, too, is it with the human soul – and with the Body Human as well.  We are, each of us, expressions of Divinity.  Divinity is the ultimate Unity.  When Divinity expands into various forms, it does not separate.  It remains Unified even as it become Diversified.

Differences do not equal divisions.  The fingers of your hand are different, but in no way divided, from each other, but are part of the Same Hand and the One Body.  Our souls are the Fingers of God.

Our Unity with God is our strength as Individuals.  It is our very Unity with the Divine that allows us our Independence.

When we separate ourselves from God we lose our sense of Unity, and with it, our sense of power, wisdom, strength, and what is called “ableness.”  With God I know that I am able to do anything.  When I feel “separated” from God, that sense of my own abilities disappears.

Are you connected with God, indwelled by God, ‘companioned’ by God, every day?

Do you live in your ‘partnership’ with God as a living reality, or simply as a conceptualization, having nothing to do with “real life?”

Do you live in the strength of your independence through the awareness of your unity and Oneness with God?



(Edited from excerpts of essay of N. Walsh)


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