Heart of Contemplative Prayer ~ in essence, and in very brief

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Picture tuning an equalizer and setting the dials to get better reception…

…Silence & Stillness are among the tools for tuning the mind and heart, and Silence & Stillness can slow us down enough to “tune in.” … Invite in the Holy Spirit.

God is more powerful, and can be in the space created… Common culture says that silence is something to be “killed.” Say to the ego and the chattering mind: “mind, it is not time for that now.”

Do what the early desert Fathers and Mothers did to let the mind sink into the HEART—dwell in contemplation and in sanctity, at times in silence, at times together as a Body of the Brethren in One-ness, and at times in solitude. We need not always “hear words” or “speak words” . . . The Silence itself as the Voice of God, powerfully, effectively. We do not need to know what God is saying for it to be of effect and take strong root (and flourish).

We are not trying to “get” something or to think “about” God Almighty, just be the Presence and in effect, get our minds and bodies “out of the way” of becoming a vessel of the Holy Spirit, the Will and Word of God for us…. Our ego-self is thus tamed, and we cultivate a listening & receptive spirit. As beings, we are not just human, and not just divine.

A Time (day, hour, 10 minutes, etc.) of Silence can be a Pilgrimage in itself. Gathering together in this way, we are on Holy Ground . . .

The Bless-ed Lord be With you, in you, through you ~ abiding.

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