A Different Sort of Contemplative Retreat

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A Different Sort of Contemplative Retreat

After eighteen years of managing programs and operations at retreat centers in three states, I decided it was time to design a little retreat of my own. My goal was to ponder, then bring about the creation of a new, non-traditional type of retreat: small in size, contemplative in spirit, individual in focus. Thus was born The Sanctuary, an ecumenical haven of silence, solitude, sabbath, and simplicity for those desiring a deep relationship with God.

The Sanctuary is a setting where all are welcome to explore deeply the unique relationship each one has with our Creator God, no matter how we name this Source of our Being.

The Sanctuary is a peaceful refuge from the forces of the world, be that our nation, the Church, the workplace, families, or even ourselves, where time is taken to explore God’s movement in our lives.

Within The Sanctuary, the path of discovery takes many forms: spiritual direction, small workshops, overnight private directed retreats, to name a few.

More than a particular place, The Sanctuary is that point where one can search for depth and breadth in relationship with God, self, others, and the world. Unlike traditional, situated retreat centers, the offerings of The Sanctuary are mobile, itinerant – like the ministry of Jesus. Established in the Spring of 2011, The Sanctuary operates in Delaware and Virginia.

Interested in learning more? Contact us at (804) 306-0193 or via email, cbcawley721@gmail.com.
Catherine Cawley

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