The Contemplative Journey – Finding God Within

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For almost twenty years I have been traveling deeper in search for the God that is closer to me than my every breath. I am attracted to many aspects of this journey and will write a series of articles about what I have discovered. The focus of these articles will be about the idea that God dwells within all and is there for our taking. God is within, not out there somewhere.

This journey has some characteristics that I am attracted to:

– The three S’s: Silence, Solitude and Simplicity
– Becoming aware of an Inner Presence
– Being spiritually energized by a balance of meditation, exercise and diet
– Meditative discernment
– Contemplative and silent retreats
– This spiritual path is inclusive of all faith traditions
– Prayer methods including meditation, chanting, labyrinth etc…
– Reading the contemplative mystics
– Going deeper to be with the God who is already there

TransformationI am personally drawn to this path as a way to sense the closeness of an inner presence which my tradition calls The Divine Indwelling. I plan to investigate various aspects of this holy concept. Where is this Presence specifically located (heart, brain, DNA, soul…)? How would your life change if you realized that God dwells within you and you are “one” with the creator of all? How do the many faith traditions recognize and name this Presence? Why is this kept a secret in many traditions? Why did so many of the great historical mystics have a clear understanding of the Divine Indwelling? I hope to investigate the holy literature (Bible, Torah, Koran, etc…) to locate truth about God’s home in the creation. And finally I invite readers of the coming articles to submit your thoughts and understanding on this concept.

Jan Phillips says it best:

“Strange as it sounds, there is only one of us, and each of us is a cell in that Great Holy One. Each of us is a carrier of sacred wisdom, a prophet announcing the world to come, a mystic bewildered by the God in our bed. We are part of an ongoing new creation that is unfolding through and in and with our bodies. Through our senses, we experience the miracle of the Divine Indwelling every day, in our own beings, and in everything that exists around us. The world is our altar, our communion table, our laboratory, our stage.

And these bodies of ours, these are our souls’ sacred vessels, the instruments through which the Great Beloved sings, laughs, labors, and loves. We are the eyes through which God sees, the Mind through which God ponders, the hands through which God touches. As we dwell as cells in the body of God, God dwells in us as our vital force, pushing outward, awaiting release, prompting communion, awareness, and joy. To love ourselves is an act of faith, a sacrament of acknowledgement, a gesture of solidarity with the Holy One within.”

Jan Phillips,

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