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Welcome to The Contemplative Path… Join us as we journey towards our Source.

Those who follow the Contemplative Path bear endless witness to the words of Saint Augustine: “Lord, you made us for yourself and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” There is nothing certain about the journey. No matter how far down the path we progress toward God, we will always be impatient. The path can be difficult and dangerous. As spiritual travelers on the road to God, we often lose our way, take wrong turns, grow tired. But, there are also sacred moments of rest. At these times of quiet we may even feel that we have somehow reached the end of the path. Yet, even these times of peace and restoration are short-lived. We grow impatient once again; we thirst for more. If we are serious about our trip, we soon come to realize that the path home to the Divine forever calls us to keep moving ahead. God calls us ever deeper down the path. And the path has no end!

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